Denture Bath Case


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Multiple Use Dental Appliance Cup. This denture cup serves as a denture container, a retainer case and a denture bath or cleaner for your dental appliances or even baby pacifiers. It's the perfect size to fit any retainer, night guard, snore guard, partial and more.
Portable, Sleek Design. Our simple, durable, and travel friendly denture case is a sleekly designed denture cleaner that is small enough to be portable, but big enough to work for any of your dental appliances. For best results we always recommend pairing with our retainer cleaner tablets to keep your retainers, dentures, and mouth guards clean and odor-free.
Keep Appliances Like New With the M3 Retainer Cleanser. This denture bath can clean off even the most stubborn stains, plaque and odors. Soak overnight for more stubborn problems and you will wake up to your retainers, guards or dentures looking like new again.
Easy to Use. Place your mouthguard, retainer or denture in the no-spill basket, fill the dental pod with 1 cup of warm water, add M3 Naturals Denture & Retainer cleaner tablets and let soak for 15-30 minutes. For tougher stains odors or plaque, soak overnight. Remove the retainer holder basket, discard extra water, and let your dental appliance dry.
Durable & Spill-Free. Our denture cups for soaking dentures will last. Thanks to the strong double hinge design, this retainer cleaning case is both functional and durable. The inner basket lifts out of the dental bath so that your dental appliance cleaning process is easy and hygienic.
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