Dental Guard & Retainer Cleaning Kit

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Complete Oral Hygiene Kit: M3 Naturals is your one stop shop for dental appliance cleaning our denture cleaner tablets and denture case set great for all kinds of mouthpieces
Extra Strength Cleaning: Our effervescent denture aligner retainer mouthguard & cleaner tablets are fast and easy to use and provide the most complete cleansing solution on the market
Functional and Durable Case: This simple denture case is both lightweight and strong so you can count on it for home or travel use and can be used as an aligner night guard or retainer cleaner case
How to Use: Simply place your dental device in the basket and fill the denture holder with 1 cup of warm water and add a retainer cleaning tablet and let soak for 15-30 minutes remove and let dry
Trusted Quality: M3 Naturals is proud to provide customers like you a wide range of health and wellness solutions including our collection of reliable and affordable dental appliance care products
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