Cellulite Massager Brush


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Revitalize Skin. Our Silicone Body Brush acts like a body dry brush by exfoliating the skin, invigorating the tissue for increased blood circulation, and even draining fluid through stimulating the lymphatic system. Consistent, daily use will give you the best results.
For the Whole Body. Silicone body brushing isnâ€â„t just for reducing cellulite on legs, butt and thighs. You can also use this body massager to ease tension in sore or stressed muscles, and even work hair products into your scalp. The perfect scalp brush!
Affordable Natural Body Brush. Skip all those expensive body care procedures and expensive products. The M3 silicone body brush is a natural remedy to help massage and improve circulation to your problem areas. Blur the appearance of dimpled skin and fine lines.
Easy to Use. Using our Silicone cellulite brush is incredibly simple: Use the brush on the skin in firm, circular motions. Continue for 5 minutes on each section, massaging in different directions each time. Using this body massager with our Anti Cellulite Massage Oil or Ylang Ylang Ginger Massage Oil can improve your experience.
Gentle Silicone. Soft and gentle on the skin, yet durable and long lasting. Silicone is a natural and safe for the skin, with no toxic chemicals, and easy to clean.

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